Our Services

Individualized Tutoring Services

We offer one-on-one or group tutoring and consulting sessions with our experienced instructors. All of our services are individually tailored to our students’ needs. These services are available to students in grades 5 and above, including post-secondary education. 

Educational Consulting for Institutions

TranscendED Consulting provides a variety of services to suit the needs of your academic institution, whether it be a public, private, or charter school. We specialize in STEM and STEAM curriculum development. TranscendED is a registered vendor with the NYC Department of Education.

Standardized Test Preparation

At TranscendED, we understand the importance of scoring high on standardized exams. Our students consistently raise their scores to levels that provide them with previously unattainable options. We don’t just teach to get through a curriculum; we teach to inspire an interest in complex problem-solving strategies.

Career and College Planning

Preparing students for collegiate life and their subsequent careers can be a daunting task. TranscendED provides all the necessary services to help your student make the most informed decisions about his/her future.

School Admissions Preparation

New York City’s educational landscape can be complex and confusing. We offer Admissions Preparation services to expedite your student’s transition to Middle School, High School, and College.

Client Testimonials

“[TranscendED's instructors] explained things in a clear, formulaic way that made it easy to apply [their] teachings.”

( Emily M. )

“Material is presented clearly… well demonstrated with supplementary tasks.”

( anonymous )

“[TranscendED's instructors] were inspiring and supportive of my interests. The lessons were clear and organized, but at the same time, there was enough freedom to explore interests of my own. [They] helped me with developing my ideas, and putting them into Matlab and mathematical equations. One time, [they] showed me how to build an algorithm for a Quickpass system at an amusement park, and it was probably the first time I realized how mathematics and programming could be used to solve practical problems. It is one of the main reasons why I am doing a masters now. But what I liked most ... is that [they] genuinely loved mathematics, and I could see that. More than anything, having met a genuine and intelligent mathematician helped me realize what I really wanted to do with my life. “

( Jae L. )

“[TranscendED's instructors] were very passionate about what [they] taught and that came across in [their] teaching.”

( Aviva B. )

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support... I could not have gotten that result were it not for your honesty in assessing my weaknesses and strengths.”

( Chris S. )

“Thank you so much for all your help throughout the school year. You made chemistry actually interesting… You applied it to life and made it easier to understand. I really thank you.”

( Anna L. )

“Your passion for subjects inspires me to learn!”

( anonymous )

"I took the Kaplan GMAT prep course, but I still wasn’t scoring quite as high as I thought I could, so I hired [TranscendED] for private tutoring sessions. [TranscendED] gave me excellent, personalized advice about how to improve my speed and maximize the subjects I knew best. In the end, I scored a 720 – a full 40 points higher than I expected."

( Kristine K. )

"[He] just got the results... He's ecstatic and it opens new opportunities for him... Thanks!"

( Amy, mother of SAT prep student )


Factoring Quadratic Equations the Easy Way

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When I was in high school, I remember having acute anxiety about having to factor quadratic equations on tests and quizzes. This was the ambiguous section of high school algebra when all trinomials were magically factorable into nice, whole integers – the section before learning the ever-useful Quadratic Formula. The reason I had this anxiety was

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Introductory Video for Academic Institutions

Our first blog post introduced you to the TranscendED team and the various services we offer for individual students. Today we’d like to give everyone a sneak peek of the services that we offer to academic institutions! Check it out in the video below.

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Science IRL

This week we’d like to feature Science IRL, one of our favorite YouTube series! Their latest video features TranscendED’s very own Dr. Lisa Rogers, along with a few other fabulous female scientists, discussing various aspects of their careers in science: how their interest in science began, what they do with science, and what advice they have

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