Our Philosophy

Our mission at TranscendED Consulting is to breathe new life and passion into education. We love teaching, and we want you to share with us in the joy of learning. Our educational philosophy is founded on the following four main tenets:



Teaching methods that encourage memorization and rote computation are often ineffective for long-term retention and the development of critical thinking skills. Memory is an imperfect function; it is not conserved, and is constantly adapting to account for the acquisition of new information. Active engagement of students includes peer and instructor discussion, student presentation and explanation of problems, and multiple method processing of diverse problem sets — all of which are processes that bolster intuition and critical thinking skills rather than promoting ineffectual memorization. The process of qualitative questioning and learning is often even more important than finding quantitative solutions. Active engagement ensures that students think about their problem-solving process rather than simply sponging, or inactively absorbing facts from instructor lectures.



Fear is one of the biggest hurdles students and teachers face in education. Students and teachers alike are fearful of failure, and so need constant encouragement to explore new ways of learning. Our instructors and consultants provide a positive, safe, and nurturing work environment while also seeking out appropriate and individualized methods for solving problems. We work to dispel fear in the academic setting by promoting communication between peers as well as between instructors and students. Communication in general allows us to exchange and develop ideas — it is arguably one of the most important skills to develop for a successful career. We provide both individual and small-group learning environments, and encourage our students to collaborate with, present to, and review the work of their peers outside the TranscendED sphere. We inspire our students and clients to be inquisitive, and allow them the space to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Our instructors guide students and clients though logical, algorithmic problem solving methods and organizational techniques. We learn just as much from observing our students’ work process as our students learn from us, and we incorporate this individualized data into our teaching methods.



Presenting students with relevant, real-world problems with no single definite solution not only keeps them actively engaged, but also prepares them for more complex interdisciplinary interactions and careers. Incorporating elements of research into assignments helps to make students feel ownership of the problems they are addressing. Our research team stays current with topics that pertain to students’ interests, and our lessons often center around issues to which students can relate personally, boosting their drive to learn. Students will rise to the occasion when given a task in which they feel a vested interest. All of our instructors have interdisciplinary backgrounds, which makes them ideal for instilling students with diversified skill sets. We also develop fresh, engaging problems and curricula for your instructors to bring back to their own classrooms. We are passionate about learning and problem solving, and we pass that passion on to our students and clients.



Our instructors and consultants stay intellectually active by participating in cutting edge research while creating parallel programs for teachers and students. We stay actively engaged by practicing our material, and we encourage our students and clients to do the same. All students need to be able to think critically on their feet when presented with challenging problems, and continued practice ensures that these skills are properly developed and maintained.