Our Results

At TranscendED, we take pride in producing excellent student outcomes. Our tutors and consultants consistently help students to improve their grades by an average of at least one letter grade.

Not only do students see improvement in their scores and the quality of their schoolwork, they also experience an increase in enthusiasm for learning in general, as well as increased confidence with problem solving and communication skills. Our students are inspired by our instructors’ passion for their subjects.

Student comprehension is markedly boosted by TranscendED’s programs and tutoring sessions, as demonstrated by increased student ability to produce insightful short and long answer responses to a variety of topical problems.

TranscendED’s standardized testing preparation regularly improves participating students’ scores; these scores provide students with the opportunity to attend the best schools in the country. Our standardized test preparation programs guide students through critical thinking exercises essential to success in the workforce and life. Clients have seen their standardized test scores increase by an average of 15 – 25%.

Students who participate in TranscendED’s programs are admitted into New York City’s highest rated public and private schools. We rigorously train all of our students to succeed in any environment.

Both students and parents genuinely love working with TranscendED’s tutors and consultants, and the feeling is mutual!

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